“Max and Wrigley™ focuses on the adventures of Max, a loveable English Labrador Retriever and his brother Wrigley, a curious Bassett Hound who live in the town of Paw City. As a writer Max uses his daily experiences as material for stories. Each episode Max, Wrigley and their friends in The Biscuit Band™ face a new social problem such as making friends, eating health, learning manners, preventing bullying,  and lying, of which they have to find a solution for. Children are engaged through the show’s interactive format which asks them to help find clues and solve problems, further enhancing the learning experience and adding to its entertainment.  Children will laugh as they relate to the characters as well enjoy learning, singing, and dancing.  The show will encourage, provide education, build confidence, and create awareness.

“Max and Wrigley™ is  based on an award winning book and music series “Read With Max”.  This new children’s television show features “The Voiceover Dream Team” of Drew Seeley, Debi Derryberry, E. G. Daily, and Daniel Ross, as characters that aim to teach and entertain the 4 to 8 year old demographic.   Original music is inspired by the theme of each show with guest musical artists and talent being invited on different episodes.

Episode are twenty two minutes with a one minute caregiver feature.

“Max and Wrigley™” has been registered as a Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) signatory production.


On behalf of Max and Wrigley™, talent, and our production team, Paw City, LLC has established an endowment with a Tier I educational research institution where a portion of the proceeds from music, audio books, books, merchandise, licensing, ect are donated to help fund research in early education, autism, special needs education, as well child psychology.   Not only are we trying to help educate todays generation but also concerned about contributing to future generations.

Last, we also proud to announce that Max and Wrigley™ and its partners have strived to also address the needs of children and adults with disabilities.  Episodes and relating merchandise will strive to be considerate of those children and adults with disabilities.  Already we have established partnerships that include producing Audio Books of our episodes for the visually impaired or just learning to read, episode related books in Brail, closed captioning for Television on each episode, large printed books for those visually impaired or with learning disabilities, as well Daisy audio to name a few.   Our goal is to make sure every children regardless of disability has the opportunity to experience the adventures of Max & Wrigley.

This website will be updated to a more children friendly website as we get closer to Television broadcast.  “Max and Wrigley™” is currently  in pre-production with a television series coming soon.


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